Shankar Rajendran's Early Life

Shankar Rajendran grew up in Washington, DC with his loving parents and two younger siblings. At an early age, Shankar developed a passion for technology. His parents recall that he was always playing with the latest gadgets. However, it was not until high school that Shankar discovered his skill for writing.

After joining the school newspaper, Shankar decided he wanted to pursue an undergrad in English and Sociology. Yet, Shankar's parents wanted him to go for a more "professional" degree. As a compromise, Shankar pursued a Bachelor in Commerce, majoring in MarketingĀ at North Dakota State Univeristy. Although this was originally a way to please his parents, Shankar is very happy he agreed to this course.

Life After Graduation

After four successful years at North Dakota State University, Shankar Rajendran decided to move south to Kansas, and later Texas, to work for various international and local businesses. In these jobs, Shankar learned how to create innovative, one-of-a kind content that both boosted sales and created brand awareness. It was here that Shankar also gained a passion for social media marketing. It was finally a profitable way to merge his love for technology and writing.

Freelance Career

After 10 years of working for various businesses throughout Kansas and Texas, Shankar Rajendran decided to move to Orange, Connecticut and become a full-time freelancer, specializing in social media marketing. Shankar hopes to continue working freelance so he can travel the world with his family.

Shankar Rajendran