Shankar is dedicated to creating one of a kind content to help businesses, professionals, and students reach their full potential. There's no lying that social media and other forms of online communication are taking over our society. What you post online says a lot about yourself and your business. It's time to start creating, posting, and interacting with purpose.


As a social media marketer for companies throughout North America, Shankar knows that one post can make or break a reputation. The following media sources are posted to help those looking to make an impact on the online community. Shankar hopes people will post and interact in a smart, safe, and innovative way. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to Shankar. Fill out a contact form and he will get back to you shortly.

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Shankar on Corporate Philanthropy in Pittsburgh

Shankar discusses the basics of corporate philanthropy and how it can benefit businesses. Specifically, the focus is on the Pittsburgh economy. For those business owners looking to improve company reputation and culture, this is your key.

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Shankar Demonstrates the Power of Social Media

Why is social media so powerful? Who can benefit from using social media? Shankar dives in to the personal and professional world of social media. Whether you're interested in selling or interacting, social media is the place for you.

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Shankar Rajendran Blog: The Importance of Social Media for Professionals

Shankar explores the various social media platforms that professionals can use to establish a highly respected reputation. Additionally, they can be used to explore new career opportunities. Remember: If you are not active online, employers cannot find you! Make sure you stand out from the crowd with a detailed profile full of professional content.

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Shankar Rajendran Blog: Tactics for Boosting Your Social Media Reach

When talking about social media, the "reach" of content or a specific post is referring to the total number of users who have seen your content. It's important to have your content reach a large audience, says Shankar, as this means more people are aware of your brand, products, and/ or services.

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Should You Hire a Social Media Coordinator?

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, a social media coordinator (or two) can drive sales and brand loyalty like no other. In this blog Shankar describes the three main ways your business will benefit.

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Shankar Rajendran Twitter

Follow Shankar from orange, CT on Twitter. Here he shares articles, features, and his interests in sports, travel and photography.

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How To Be Productive As A Full Time Freelancer

Shankar Rajendran Orange, CT shares some tips for staying productive as a freelancer. It can be incredibly difficult to stay motivated and inspired. Thus, you must master a workflow that works for you!

Rajendran on How New York City Does Social Media Right

The use of social media by governments and towns is becoming an increasingly popular trend. However, no one does it quite like New York City. Shankar explores the lessons other cities can take from this.


Shankar Discusses the Power of Social Media: YouTube Video

Social media is a powerful tool for both businesses and individuals. However, the flood of users can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd. How do you make your online presence unique?


Shankar Rajendran on the Social Media Obsession

Everyone has some sort of social media. Sometimes for both personal and professional purposes! But when does this reliance cross a line? For some of us, it doesn't. However, for most, we do experience a period of obsession.


Shankar on Crunchbase

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Shankar Rajendran, Orange, CT Resident, Defends Social Media Use at Work

Social media is an important tool in the workplace. Whether it is being used to promote your products and services, or give insight into the daily company culture, it can be extremely beneficial.

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Shankar Rajendran Blog: Social Media Tips for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

If you're a business owner or entrepreneur, social media is a crucial tool for spreading awareness of your brand and attracting customers or business partners. Shankar explains why professionals should dedicate time and effort into creating unique content and interacting with others online who are in their industry.